If You Build It They Will Race

The Magnolia Soapbox Derby is the epitome of community involvement in Macon, Georgia. The derby began back in 1936 and underwent a new beginning in 2009 when it was moved downtown to Magnolia Street. -- my church, Ingleside Baptist, saw an opportunity to be a part of this ever-evolving community event.

So, after gathering some information, figuring out a budget, and mustering up a bit of salesmanship, I approached the lead pastor of Ingleside, Tim McCoy and our new young adult pastor, Blake Jenkins. They were all in. “Great” Blake said, “but can we build an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars?" The answer was obviously yes and build it we did.

It was 100 percent an Ingleside team effort -- Steve Mann, Facilities Director, being the design genius. Steve and Alan Harris, a Facilities team member, built the car. Rebekah Rainer, Bookstore Ministry Coordinator, and Emily Coleman, a Missions Ministry team member, painted the car. Blake organized a team of himself, Clay Scott, our Contemporary Worship Pastor, and two church members, AJ Freeman and Dana O’Leary. 

Fast forward to the day of the race -- we built it and our community came out to support. We didn’t come close to winning but we DID place Best in Show courtesy of the cheering crowd and gave away a 1,000 ice pops for free. Not to mention there was an X-Wing fighter barreling down Magnolia Street with the Star Wars theme song blasting out of the speakers surrounding the race track. 

I owe a big thanks to New City Church for the inspiration and to Ingleside Baptist Church for backing me up. If you don’t have a church home you should check out Ingleside (saying that in my humble, completely non-biased opinion, y’all). www.ingleside.org

Lastly, special thanks to Eric Robbins who served as our official Star Wars expert, who also worked tirelessly the day of the event to make sure everything went off without a hitch. (You rock dude.) Here's a couple pics of him (and me) geeking out.