A Little Bit of Somethin': A Toyota 4Runner

I was taking some photos last night and when I was done I turned and walked toward my car. It was late and I really wanted to go home and eat a slice of pizza. But, my car was just sitting there looking great and wanting her picture taken. So, I obliged.

Cars are just great and we love them. Whether it was the first time you sat in the driver seat at 15, trying to forget that your opinionated parent was just two feet away, or the first time you paid for a car with your own hard-earned money, you have loved a car. Some cars, like people, are better than others.

I’ve had my fair share of cars. My first was a red 1992 Honda Civic DX hatchback. I loved it, absolutely. I’ve owned a lot of cars since then and typically wouldn’t keep a car longer than 2 years. These days, however, driving is more about reliability and getting to work each day and less about simply having fun. (not that driving should ever, ever be boring) My last two vehicles have been third generation (1995-2002) Toyota 4Runners and they have been perfect.

The reason I love this car is that it does absolutely everything right. With every single vehicle I’ve had there has always been a caveat. Either it was fuel efficiency, or room, or reliability. With this one, there just isn’t anything like that. It’s fine on gas, it gets me where I need to go every time (knock on wood), I can work on it myself, and I can haul just about anything I need to.

Her paint has chips, driver seat has some rips, and the steering wheel has a little play, but then again, so do most of us. She’s only two-wheel drive and though she'd like to get muddy sometimes, she’s OK with that. So am I.

She’s not a new Range Rover or Mercedes. She isn’t going to impress your law school friends or compliment your new fancy watch. She drinks too much coffee, wears blue jeans, and listens to Matchbox Twenty. "She’s got a little bit of somethin' and God, it's better than nothin'."